If you are travelling to Dublin to learn English, you will probably want to book a course in an English school that is located in the centre of Dublin. Unless you have been to Dublin before, it can be difficult to know exactly where the schools are located and if they are easily accessible. Often it takes local knowledge to know which English schools can be easily accessed by public transport and which can’t and this can be a big factor on how enjoyable your trip is – no -one wants to spend hours commuting to class!

Below we have put together a guide to help you when booking your English course and English school in Dublin. These schools are all centrally located and are on major public transport routes, so no matter where your accommodation is, you will be easily able to attend your English classes 😊

In Dublin, there are two major forms of public transport – Dublin Bus and the Luas (a tram type system). The Luas is split into the Red and Green lines, which serve the North and South of the city respectively. The Red Line Luas serves the city centre and as such provides access to more English schools than the Green line.

IBAT College

  • Where: Wellington Quay, Dublin 2
  • How: Bus and Luas
  • Full-time General English Courses from: €180 €166/week

IBAT are one of the largest English schools in Dublin and are internationally recognised as one of the leading English course providers in Ireland, providing General English classes in the morning and afternoons along with Exam Preparation English classes for IELTS and Cambridge exams. The school is very central and is located on the quays of the River Liffey, directly in the centre of the city and on the edge of Templebar, 5 minutes walking from Trinity College and 10 minutes to the Guinness Storehouse. IBAT is accessible by both Bus and Luas, making it ideal for students staying anywhere in Dublin. For Luas access, the Jervis stop is the best and is 3 minutes walking from the school. For Bus, there are multiple options – check out the Dublin Bus website for more information.

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  • Where: Abbey St, Dublin 1
  • How: Bus/Luas
  • Full-time General English Courses from: €70 €65/week

Englishour are in one of the most accessible locations in Dublin city, and probably in all of Ireland. Located on Abbey Street, which is an adjoining street of O’Connell Street, Englishour have access to multiple bus routes and the Abbey Street Luas stop is 30 seconds walk from the school. Englishour are also one of the cheapest English schools in Dublin (see our article “Le 5 migliori scuole d’inglese “low cost” a Dublino” for more information!) and provide General English classes in the morning and afternoons, along with Exam preparation English classes. Englishour is a 10-minute walk to Trinity College.

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  • Where: Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2
  • How: Bus
  • Full-time General English Courses from: €199 €138/week

One of the newest and most popular schools in Dublin, Everest are located in a fantastic building situated directly across the road from Trinity College and about 2 minutes’ walk from Templebar. On the doorstep of the school is access to multiple bus stops that will connect you to the vast majority of locations in the city. Both the Red and Green Luas lines offer access to the school but you will need to allow 10-15 minutes walking for either, depending on quickly you walk. For the Red Line, the Abbey Street stop is the closest to the school and on the Green Line, St. Stephens Green is the closest. Everest are unique on this list in that the school location offers very easy access to both the North and South side of the city which opens up an extra set of accommodation locations for any prospective students. Our exclusive 35% discount on Everest courses means that they were our most booked school in 2016 and continue to be the most popular in 2017.

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Delfin English School

  • Where: Parnell Square, Dublin 1
  • How: Bus
  • Full-time General English Courses from: €120 €99/week

Delfin English School is in a great location on Parnell Square, which is directly at the end of O’Connell Street, widely regarded as the central street in Dublin. Delfin is in one of the most accessible locations in Dublin for bus routes, but is not quite as good for Luas. There are multiple bus stops directly outside the school building with connections to nearly all parts of the city but for the Luas, you would need to allow about 10 minutes walking time to get to the Abbey Street stop, on the Red Line. Delfin is a bit further from the major tourist attractions – allow 15 minutes walking time to Trinity College, 15 minutes to Templebar and about 30 minutes walking to The Guinness Storehouse. Delfin operate a fantastic social schedule for the students with visits organised to all the above locations so whether you book their General English courses or their IELTS/Cambridge Preparation courses, you can be sure they will offer you the opportunity to explore the city!

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The English Studio

  • Where: Jervis Street, Dublin 1
  • How: Luas
  • Full-time General English Courses from: €115 €106/week

Looking for a school that is as close as possible to a transport stop? Then look no further than The English Studio. Located on Jervis Street, it is approximately 10 seconds walk from the Jervis Street Luas stop and as such it is an ideal choice for any student in who is staying in accommodation that has access to the Red Line Luas. Jervis is not quite as accessible by Bus, with the nearest options being a 5-minute walk from the school, hence why The English Studio appears further down our list. The school itself has a very good reputation and provides a range of English courses including General English, Exam Preparation courses for IELTS and also Business English classes. It is also one of the cheaper English schools and for reference, it is a 15-minute walk to Trinity College and 15-minute walk to The Guinness Storehouse.

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