We are education experts agency based in Dublin, Ireland.
With Ireland being the home of language – James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker to BONO, we have a gift for words and communication. So what better place to have the leading online marketplace of language courses and schools around the world. We are dedicated to helping students get the best language education.

We know travel isn’t cheap so we will guarantee that you pay the lowest price available for your course, anywhere on the web.
How do we do this?
Simple – for every booking made on bookalanguageschool.com, we receive a commission from the school. Most places you book with will keep all of this money but not us – we keep some and we give the rest back to you as a discount. Everybody wins and you get to spend this extra money on a Guinness in Ireland, a Fish&Chip in England or anything else that takes your fancy wherever you decide to go!

Simples – if you book it and for any reason whatsoever the school can’t accept your booking, you get your deposit back – no questions asked. If you prefer, we’ll find another school and course for you but one way or the other, you’re our customer and you come first. The decision will always be yours. Whilst it very (very!) rarely happens that a school can’t accept a booking, we want you to know that you are protected and we will always do our best to get you what you want. We’re cool like that!

Over 75,000 options and counting!
Everyone likes to have options when buying something. On bookalanguageschool.com, you can choose from over 75,000 different options to get your trip just right for you. We’ve made it as easy as possible to compare and contrast schools and courses across the world to save you time trawling through countless different websites. Whether it’s English in Dublin, Spanish in Barcelona, French in Paris or Russian in St. Petersburg – we have you covered. Still have questions? Still not convinced that we are the best place to book your language trip? Pop us an email using our contact form and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

Our Team!
Ah yes, the group of “crazies” who actually run bookalanguageschool.com! The most important thing you need to know? All of our staff have worked in or managed language schools in the past! We have dealt with tens of thousands of students and tens of thousands of queries and questions from probably every nationality you can think of. Trust us when we say that if you have a question, then we will have an answer for you! We know how schools work. We know how the industry works. We know how students work. Be afraid. Be very afraid! (Don’t be afraid. We don’t bite. Much.)